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Who is Liya Games ?
Liya Games is a passionate team of game developers, dedicated to creating immersive and location-based mobile gaming experiences. We're on a mission to transport players to new worlds, blending reality with adventure through our innovative games. With a commitment to creativity and cutting-edge technology, we craft experiences that take gaming to new heights. Join us on this journey as we redefine the gaming landscape, one location-based adventure at a time.
paraya koş app logo
Paraya Koş

When you go to the marked targets on the map, it's a digital competition that earns you real money prizes, 'Paraya Koş'

Publish date: 2022 Feburary

Total download: 15.000+

Countries: Türkiye

greed park logo

If there were no buildings in the world and people wanted to plant trees instead of buildings, what kind of world would it be? We search for the answer to this question in our mobile game, Greedpark, while exploring and playing.

Publish date: 2024 February

Countries: Global

working proggress
Block Jack

Publish date: 2024 Q4

Countries: Global

working proggress
Capture the Zone

Join 'Capture the Zone,' a real-world location-based game where players visit and compete for control of square zones. Strategic gameplay meets real-world adventure!

Publish date: 2025

Countries: Global

our team
Founder Sercan Eryaz
Sercan Eryaz


Developer Team Lead Mert

Developer Team Lead

UI/UX Team Lead Ahmet Şavli
Ahmet Şavli

UI/UX Team Lead

Unity Developer Muhammed Ali Tural
Muhammed Ali Tural

Unity Developer

Graphic Designer Seda Eşer
Seda Eşer

Graphic Designer

Product Manager Ahmet Ethem Yıldırım
Ahmet Ethem Yıldırım

Product Manager

Jr. UI/UX Designer Gamze

Jr. UI/UX Designer

Jr. Product Manager Ozan Türker
Ozan Türker

Jr. Product Manager